Sunday, November 4, 2007

WHAT WE ARE ABOUT - Sistercentric- breakin' it down...

"FaithFullOne" says:
WordNet® 3.0, © 2006 by Princeton University defines the term "ethnocentric" when used as an adjective: "centered on a specific ethnic group, usually one's own." Someone recently asked how did we come up with the name/term "Sistercentric". Well, a couple of "The Sisters" were chatting on the phone one night about names for this very blog and that is how the term "Sistercentric" was born. It's definition is much like the adjective form of the word defined above. However, it pertains to "sisters", which in the current African American Vernacular English is understood to mean black women in general. This term is NOT to be considered in the negative form that it's use as a noun might imply: "the belief in the inherent superiority of one's own group or culture."
This is for sisters, about issues related to sisters, and written (mostly) by sisters. Therefore, it is CENTERED on Sisters or "Sistercentric". While we will focus on the need for black women to expand their horizons when it comes to mate selection, that is not our only focus. Anything that is inspiring, uplifting, or promotes encouragement of self-improvement for Sisters will be featured here also.

In our little group of "Sisters" we lift each other up constantly.

It is our intention to foster an atmosphere of love, support, and positive acknowledgment of one another in the greater community of African American women.
That "greater community" as we recognize it is global.
The truth, is the world tears you down enough. You need a place to "come home to" where you are "celebrated and not (just barely) tolerated". Sistercentric is pleased to be a part of creating that space. A space and virtual place where you feel safe to be YOU, no matter how "different" that is from what the status quo thinks "you" should be! The sisters here are all "different" but that is not to be taken in the pejorative context of the term. "Different" can be a good thing, it's all about perspective. In support of "different sisters", we will be sharing stories of ordinary and extraordinary black women who have or are 'shakin' it up" and makin' thangs happen! We intend to inspire, provoke thought and facilitate dialogue on issues that relate to what sisters desire and need from life, their prospective partners and relationships. We hope to help you discover this: That you are "more" than what your community, your family and even YOU think you are! If you just make up your mind that you are able and indeed worthy, then you can be and do, anything you set your mind to!
In discovering more about YOU, it will become apparent that "You don't have to blow out anyone's candle to light your own" You can admire and appreciate the accomplishments of others and know that if she can do THAT, then you can do whatever it is you are meant to do, too!
Jealousy is often the bane of collective progress for a people who are marginalized. It's been called the "green eyed monster". A "cross-eyed monster" is a more apt description, as it causes you to not see straight! There's no room for "jealousy" in this forum. If you choose to respond to a post, please check that bitch "jealousy" at the door, cause she ain't welcome up in here!

There is plenty of "Fabulosity" to go around (That word we didn't create, it's in the dictionary!) Your Fabulosity, Mine, Their's, Ours. It's all good, because we have the power to choose to make it so. So let's explore it, expound upon it, celebrate it, and share it with men who can truly appreciate all the glory and splendor that is part of being a "Sistah".