Monday, October 29, 2007


We are "The Sisters". A group of intelligent, funny and insightful black women who will be offering commentary on issues related to Interracial Relationships as well as all things that
are well, "Sistercentric".
Why a group of women instead of just one? To provide divergent opinions derived from individuals who have a common interest: Creating a space in this world for Black women to discover that they have choices and options in finding a suitable mate. Choices to make, options to explore that they should feel free to exercise if it suits them. From to time we will also have posts from a "Brother of a different Color". A man who is open to or actively a part of an interracial relationship with a black woman. In other words, we'll give you some Yang to go along with the healthy doses of Yin we're serving up!

It should go with out saying, but you know you have to break it down for some people: These are our OPINIONS ! You may agree with them, you may not. Feel free to comment, but any outright disrespectful comments or those meant to be injurious will be summarily discarded !
So let us begin this journey of discovery together. You may be surprised by what you find if you open your mind!